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Sealection™ 500

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our Products & Services Environmentally Safe Contains NO ozone depleting chemicals. CFC. HCFC. Fibers. Formaldehyde or Asbestos. 100% water blown No Toxic substances are emitted Passed the established off-gassing tests, Approved

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The layers of foam

In this article “R” Fairy Tale: The Myth of Insulation Values, David B. South from the Monolithic Dome Institute describes the application of insulation layers. “We use three inches for most of our construction. Two inches will do a very

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POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA An ALL-IN-ONE System Providing Insulation, Air and Vapour Barrier Durable High-Efficiency Insulation System Noticeably Lowers Utility Bills Seals Out Dust and Pollen Provides a Healthier, Cleaner In-House Environment Rodent and Insect Resistant Reduce Greenhouse Gases Made From

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2013 Home Energy Grants

Did you know… … that an uninsulated basement can account for 20 – 35% of the total heat loss in your home? Up to $5,000 available for Home Energy Upgrades for a limited time! You must book your ‘pre-retrofit’ evaluation

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Air infiltration takes away your energy efficiency

Air barrier research shows that 40% of building heat loss can be attributed to air leakage through the building envelope. Tests for air leakage conducted by an independent laboratory recognized by the CCMC show that POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA exceeds 500

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The Typical Wall

Over “R” 20 Achieved In 2×4 construction!! Water vapour permeance is the speed at which water goes through a homogeneous material. The National Building Code stipulates that a vapour barrier must have a water vapour permeance of less than 1.05

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