Sealection™ 500

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  • Environmentally Safe
  • Contains NO ozone depleting chemicals. CFC. HCFC. Fibers. Formaldehyde or Asbestos.
  • 100% water blown
  • No Toxic substances are emitted
  • Passed the established off-gassing tests,
  • Approved by Environmental Choice (Canadian version to USEPA)
  • Environment Friendly Product
  • Sealection™ 500
    QUIET-S-WALLS™ SYSTEM – Interior Sound Insulation

    The millions of semi-ridgid open cells in Sealection™ 500 work to absorb sound waves, making it possible to build cost effective walls and ceilings with a Sound Transmission Class (STC rating) of 50 or more!!

    Sealection™ 500

    Sealection™ 500 provides an excellent air barrier by expanding 120 times it fills every crack insuring an air tight seal. Sealection™ 500 will fit all budgets, it might just be the answer you been searching for.

  • When Sealection™ 500 is used as a thermal insulation a vapour barrier is required.
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    In conclusion, Sealection™ 500 differentiates its normal R-value from fiberglass basically showing that R-values are not created equal: there are laboratory R-values and Performing R-values.

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